Marshawn Lynch confirms he tried lighting blunt off Al Davis’ eternal flame

Marshawn Lynch

Right before the final “Monday Night Football” game of the 2018 season, Marshawn Lynch was seen attempting to light what appeared to be a blunt off of Al Davis’ eternal flame in Oakland.

In an appearance on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Lynch confirmed that’s exactly what he was trying to do: “I did,” Lynch said, “True.”

Least. Shocking. News. Ever.

Lynch went on to explain his reason for doing so: “I think it was only right to send the Raiders off in a real Oakland way.”

Of course, the Raiders might have played their last game in Oakland. The city of Oakland has filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the NFL and the Raiders over the franchise’s decision to move to Las Vegas, calling the move “illegal.” 

Since that time, the Raiders have been exploring alternate sites to play the 2019 season, because their new stadium in Vegas isn’t going to be ready until 2020.

However, the latest news on this front is that the Raiders might just be back in Oakland next season, after all. Stay tuned.