Death threats from Indians fans keeping ‘Marlins Man’ from the World Series

There’s a bad side to fandom in professional sports. We see this rear its ugly head far too often. Violence at stadiums. Children afflicted with the worst that sports itself has to offer.

Now, the well-known alter-ego of Laurence Leavy, Marlins Man, is bearing the brunt of this ridiculous side to fandom. Known for making trips to all the important sports venus in North America, Leavy, is avoiding the World Series due to concerns over his safety.

“After getting dozens of death threats and hundreds of threats of violence against me, thousands of people I had to block (on Twitter), I decided it wasn’t worth my safety or health,” Leavy told the Miami Herald.

This all stems from an incident earlier in the year in Cleveland that saw Leavy allegedly attacked by Indians fans for wearing Marlins garb. Apparently, some in attendance were still upset about the Marlins defeating their Indians in the World Series some two decades ago and decided to take it out on Leavy.

It’s beyond unfortunate. Marlins Man has been a fixture in the biggest sporting events we’ve seen through the years. Now, for fear of his own safety, the diehard baseball fan won’t have an opportunity to watch history unfold in Game 7 of the World Series between the Indians and Chicago Cubs.