Mark Wahlberg reneges on offer to sell Conor McGregor his stake in the UFC

Marky Mark apparently isn’t a man of his word. Two years after Mark Wahlberg offered to sell some of his stake in the UFC to fighter Conor McGregor, the actor/musician is backing down on said offer.

Wahlberg initially told McGregor back in 2016 that he would sell the former champion some of his stake in the organization after Conor complained about being underpaid following a victory over Nate Diaz.

Something changed between then an now — namely the $100 million payday McGregor earned from his bout against Floyd Mayweather in Vegas last August.

Wahlberg is now reneging on the offer.

When asked by TMZ Sports if he was still willing to sell McGregor a piece of the UFC, Wahlberg answered with an emphatic no.

Instead of using Conor’s recent arrest in Brooklyn as a reasoning for this, Wahlberg made it clear that this has more to do with the fighter’s otherworldly net worth right now.

Yeah, that actually makes a lot of sense. Besides, we’re not even sure UFC head Dana White and Co. would even allow McGregor to own a minority stake in the organization after his recent antics.