Mark Wahlberg on Tom Brady: He’s “a Great American Hero”

This Marky Mark and Tom Brady bromance is taking on an entirely new meaning. The two may have hugged it out after the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl, but it now appears Mark Wahlberg’s love for Brady knows no bounds.

“(Tom’s) a great American hero. A cultural icon. The greatest quarterback in the history of the game,” the actor said on the Dan Patrick Show on Friday. “He will go on to probably win at least two more Super Bowls, the only quarterback to ever win 6, appear in 8.”

What a slobber fest that turned into.

American heroes are those men and women we will be honoring Monday for Memorial Day.

Cultural icon. Well, that’s also taking it a bit far. The six Super Bowl titles and eight Super Bowl appearances. Okay, that could be a possibility.

Wahlberg’s appearance on the show was part of a media drive to promote his new movie Ted 2, which Brady has a cameo in.

The movie’s plot, in part, focuses on an attempt to legalize teddy bear, human marriage. Yes, you read that right. Based on Wahlberg’s comments, Ted should be a bit worried that he will be replaced as the main character’s BFF.

Because, Brady is the BEST EVAH.

All we need now is Wahlberg, Brady and the Affleck brothers to star in a Patriots-themed Deflategate movie. Make it happen, Hollywood.

Photo: CBS Sports