Mark Jackson slams D’Angelo Russell on live television

Mark Jackson, current television analyst for ESPN and former head coach of the Golden State Warriors, absolutely hammered Los Angeles Lakers rookie guard D’Angelo Russell on live television Sunday.

During the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Houston Rockets game on ABC, Jackson compared Russell to his former assistant coach, Darren Erman.

“The good news for (D’Angelo Russell) is that he could very well one day be an Associate Head Coach in this league,” Jackson said.

In other news, Jackson’s memory is long, and he isn’t afraid to express his bitterness in the public light. Erman, who coached under Jackson in Oakland, was fired after it was revealed he had secretly taped palyers and coaches during his tenure with the Warriors.

As most are likely aware, Russell was caught doing something similar, though he wasn’t doing it in secret like Erman was. He had taped an “interview” with teammate Nick Young, who admitted he has relations with another woman while he was with Iggy Azalea.

Things still aren’t going well for Russell at this time with the Lakers. His head coach is disappointed that he let the video get into the public light, and Russell has been spotted with security guards while he comes and goes from team facilities.

It’s hard to imagine the young kid is going to have anyone trusting him for a long time. He’s also going to hear about his faux pas from many others in the media. Thankfully he is still just 19 years old and has time to grow up into his role as a major sports figure in a major U.S. market.