Mark Davis says he offered A’s 20% of Raiders to build two stadiums at Coliseum site

As Mark Davis attempts to placate Raiders Nation in the wake of his approved move to Las Vegas, he’s pulling out all the stops. The Oakland Raiders owner appeared on 95.7 The Game Tuesday morning for an interview with JT The Brick and offered some enlightening information on the subject of his attempts to remain in Oakland.

Davis said, via Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle, that he was close to doing a deal with Oakland in 2013 with Colony Capital. However, he said that the Oakland Athletics’ 10-year lease ruined that opportunity and that the A’s didn’t want to tear down the Coliseum at the time.

According to the owner, among other things discussed at that time, he offered the A’s 20 percent of the Raiders to make things work.

As we know, things didn’t work out in Oakland. The Raiders are going to be heading to Las Vegas sometime in the next 2-3 years, if not sooner. Meanwhile, the city of Oakland and Raiders fans across Northern California are less than pleased.

Davis is obviously doing everything he can to help ease their pain, though we’re not sure he’ll ever succeed.┬áIn fact, some die-hard fan had to be talked down from burning Ken Stabler jerseys by The Snake’s daughter.