Mark Cuban, Steve Ballmer “Cleared the Air” over DeAndre Jordan Saga

Mark Cuban

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has a history of speaking his mind, so it wouldn’t have been surprising if he publicly lashed out against the Los Angeles Clippers. After all, the Clips swiped free agent center DeAndre Jordan during the final hours leading up to the opening of free agency.

However, according to ESPN, Cuban has “cleared the air” with Los Angeles owner Steve Ballmer.

“The Mavericks’ owner described the initial conversation between the two as ‘more than a little frigid,’ but noted that talks eventually thawed.

‘I told him exactly what I told other owners, I didn’t have a problem with his Hail Mary approach to keeping a player,’ Cuban said via the Cyber Dust messaging app. ‘I understood why they did it. And even how they did it. They got their player back. End of story.'”

It’s well-documented at this point, but Jordan initially¬†agreed to a four-year max contract with the Mavericks. The third-team All-NBA center couldn’t sign a contract, though, since the NBA’s moratorium period had not expired.

The Clippers utilized their final moments to put on a proverbial full-court press, and they forced Jordan into a turnover. He backed out of his verbal commitment and signed with Los Angeles.

Photo: USA Today Sports