Mark Cuban Predicts The NFL Will Implode In 10 Years

By Rachel Wold

Outspoken Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks is not shy at all about his feelings for the NFL. Cuban rambles on to ESPN that the NFL is getting greedy and they’re like pigs and pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered, which will cause the whole NFL to implode on itself in 10 years. 

Now that we are totally grossed out by the thoughts of pork, we can see how Cuban really feels. ESPN further reports…

They’re trying to take over every night of TV…Initially, it’ll be, ‘Yeah, they’re the biggest-rating thing that there is.’ OK, Thursday, that’s great, regardless of whether it impacts [the NBA] during that period when we cross over. Then if it gets Saturday, now you’re impacting colleges. Now it’s on four days a week.

I don’t know what Cuban is smoking, because I just checked this week’s NBA schedule and basketball is televised in some capacity every day this week. That’s not greedy?

It would seem that the announcement back in February about keeping Thursday Night Football around in 2014, to air on CBS and NFL Network is what got Cuban’s panties in a bunch. First it’s Sunday football, then Monday night, then Thursday night and sometimes a Saturday game.

So, according to Cuban, the NFL just wants to get rich from TV money. Well, of course they do. Should Cuban, being a billionaire himself, really be casting stones?

Photo: David Richard, USA Today Sports