Mark Cuban offers to sell part of the Mavericks to President Obama

Barack Obama has some time on his hands now that he is the former leader of the free world. The former president gave up his “cushy” gig at the White House back in January and has since been seen traveling the world. Private islands. Trips to New York City. You name it, Obama has been there.

Maybe as an attempt to help the former president pass some time, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has offered to sell 10 percent of his franchise to Mr. Obama.

That’s awfully nice of Cuban. The problem? He wants $300 million for 10 percent of the Mavericks (via TMZ Sports).

That’s a mighty high asking price, even for a former president — one that doesn’t have hundreds of millions just sitting around.

For his part, Obama has expressed interest in being involved in the NBA. Whether that’s as a part-owner remains to be seen. Maybe he can ask his good pal, President Trump, to help lay the groundwork with a few million dollars. We’re pretty sure Cuban and Trump would love to do business with one another, right?