Mario Lemieux sends letter, signed puck to hospitalized child

When he heard that Darran Dunlap, a young girl in Pittsburgh, had cancer, Pittsburgh Penguins Hall of Fame center Mario Lemieux took matters into his owns hands. Without solicitation from Darran or her father, who hosts a morning radio show in Pittsburgh, Lemieux sent a letter encouraging Dunlap to keep fighting.

“Darran, please accept my heartfelt best wishes to you for successful treatments. I wish you and your family all the best. I know it gets tough, but continue to fight and stay strong. You can do it!,” reads the letter, in part.

Lemieux also sent a signed hockey puck as part of the get-well gift.

If that doesn’t at your heartstrings enough, check out this video of Darran Dunlap climbing up the stairs at home after chemotherapy.

To Darran, we’ll only say this: keep fighting and don’t ever give up.