Marcus Mariota goes six days without throwing an interception

Tennessee Titans rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota is shooting bulls-eyes so far in training camp. How awesome is it to report that he has not thrown one pick in six straight days of practice?

Head coach Ken Whisenhunt already reported that Mariota will be the team’s starter this season. Mariota seems to be living up to that job by his display of perfection so far in training camp.

Mariota may stand alone with his interception-free record so far.

Even New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has thrown an interception in training camp. And Brady’s pick went to none other than cornerback Malcolm Butler.

While this hype surrounding Mariota brings some much-needed excitement to Tennessee, we shouldn’t read too much into it. This is still practice and Mariota isn’t facing the normal type of pressure he otherwise would be during a real NFL matchup. He also doesn’t have the eyes of the public or prime time coverage watching his every move.

And, we are talking about the Titans defense who only managed 12 total interceptions last season.

Nevertheless, Mariota’s pristine record is one to keep an eye on as we tick off the days one by one that he remains interception-free.

Photo: USA Today Sports