Marco Rubio jokes President Trump should nominate Tom Brady for ambassadorship

Tom Brady
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has never been shy about pledging his allegence to the Miami Dolphins. He’s been a steadfast Dolphins fan his entire life.

That much came to the forefront during a recent hearing to confirm President Donald Trump’s nomination of New York Jets owner Woody Johnson as ambassador to the United Kingdom.

“I think you and I agree the country would be well served if a certain Thomas Brady of Massachusetts were nominated ambassador to Brazil,” Rubio said. “Perhaps that could be arranged before September of this year.”

Now, that’s some expert level awesomeness right there. The idea behind this is that if Brady were nominated to be the ambassador to Brazil, he would have to retire from the NFL. In turn, that would give Rubio’s Dolphins a better shot in the AFC East.

In fact, that’s likely the only way Miami will surpass New England in the division. We give Rubio credit for trying. Though, we also very much doubt Trump would do his friend like that by sending him to Brazil.