Marcell Dareus explains why he didn’t enter rehab

By Scott Carasik
Courtesy of Isaiah J. Downing, USA Today Sports

Marcell Dareus was suspended for four games due to a substance abuse program violation and had supposedly entered rehab.

Except, he never actually went to rehab. But, not all is bad news. According to USA Today’s Jarrett Bell, he instead worked with Bruce Smith and a life coach to get his act together.

Asked why decided not to go to rehab, the former first-round pick had this to say.

“I met with the team medical doctors and we kind of wanted to evaluate and get a better understanding of making the right, positive course of action for exactly what I need to do myself.”

Rehab doesn’t work for everyone, and it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for addiction. Dareus’ solution might just be what works best for him. And it never hurts to learn from one of the best to ever play for the Buffalo Bills on what it means to play there.

Dareus might have done the right thing for him. After suffering the loss of both parents before the age of 21, he hit a bit of a downward spiral going on. Hopefully, working with a life coach and the Bills legend will allow him to deal with his grief and live life to his potential.

He’s one of the best young defensive tackles in the NFL, and a potential multi-time All-Pro if he can keep clean off the field. Let’s hope he’s gotten the necessary help to make that come to fruition.