Man who Stabbed Aldon Smith Expected to Get Three Years

All the news surrounding San Francisco 49ers pass rusher Aldon Smith has mostly focused on his off-field exploits. From allegedly making a false bomb threat at an airport to firing off a gun at a house party and driving drunk, Smith has continued to get himself in all sorts of trouble away from the game of football. 

One incident, which took place during the aforementioned house party back in 2012, has been thrown to the back burner when it comes to the media. Smith was stabbed twice in the torso, which resulted in a trip to the hospital.

Steven Barba, who pled no contest to assault with a deadly weapon and felony possession of a gun in court last week, was found guilty on Monday and is expected to receive a three-year sentence.

According to eyewitness testimoney, Smith fired off his gun in order to break up what was a mob, at which point Barba stabbed him twice.

The 49ers linebacker pled no contest to gun charges that stemmed from that incident in May. He’s expected to receive a sentence that includes probation and community service at some point next month.

Photo: USA Today