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Man has faith Aaron Rodgers can help turn $300 into $76,000

Robert Ortiz
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers at AT&T Stadium

In a story as improbable as the eight-game win streak the Green Bay Packers are currently on, a man has put his faith and a good chunk of change in the resilient team. Starting off with $300 and a hunch that Aaron Rodgers’ declaration the Packers would run the table¬†was prophetic, this man laid down a bet that the Packers would win the first game of the streak.

And when they did, he continually recycled his earnings back into the next bet. Following the Packers-Dallas Cowboys game last night, a man named Jonathan Schecter posted this tweet.

A great story to say the least.

But let’s be real no, if you turned $300 into $28,000, you wouldn’t risk that $28,000 the following week, right?


Putting all $28,000 down on the Packers at +170 over the Falcons, if Green Bay were to win the ticket would pay out $76,000. If that happens¬†it seems safe to assume the man would put $76,000 on the Packers to win the Superbowl — a payout that would easily surpass six figures.

The man is an idol to many across the country for these series of bets. I plan to root for Green Bay to win it all, purely to see the reaction from this man winning all that money.