Magic Johnson will represent the Lakers at NBA Draft Lottery

Magic Johnson

The 2017 NBA Draft Lottery will be an important one for the Los Angeles Lakers. When the lottery takes place, the franchise will be represented by President of Basketball Operations and arguably the greatest Laker of all time, Magic Johnson.

The results of the lottery will be important for the franchise. Los Angeles will either land a top pick in a loaded NBA Draft, or fall completely out.

“The Lakers have a 46.9 percent chance to land in the top three of the lottery, and thus keep their pick, which is top three protected,” a RealGM.com report noted. “If the pick falls out of the top-3, it will be conveyed to the 76ers.”

RealGM also noted that while Johnson will represent the team on camera, general manager Rob Pelinka will represent the team backstage when the actual draft order is decided.

Los Angeles has selected first overall three times, though only once with its own actual pick. In 1958, the Lakers selected Elgin Baylor with their own pick. In 1979 and 1982, they selected Magic and James Worthy with picks acquired from the Utah Jazz and Cleveland Cavaliers, respectively.