Magic Johnson: LeBron James is on my Mt. Rushmore

By Jesse Reed
May 18, 2015; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Football Club owner Magic Johnson speaks at press conference at Exposition Park to announce the intent to build a 22,000 soccer stadium at the site of the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Magic Johnson knows greatness when he sees it, and he gave LeBron James a tremendous shout-out on Twitter after Game 6 on Thursday night.

After watching James score 41 points for the second game in a row, leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to victory and force a Game 7 against the Golden State Warriors, Johnson tweeted “I can’t deny LeBron James, he’s definitely on my Mt. Rushmore. He’s a winner and we’ve never seen anybody with his all around skill set.”

Perhaps the most significant portion of that statement is Johnson saying he’s never seen anyone with James’ all-around skill set. After all, Johnson himself was the NBA’s prototype as an all-around baller for decades before James showed up and broke the mold.

Indeed, as impressive as James’ 82 points are the past two games, it’s what he has done otherwise that is so darn impressive.┬áThe Cavs’ leader has racked up 24 rebounds, 18 assists, six blocks and seven steals. If your jaw isn’t on the floor, then you might need to see a doctor.

The other notable thing about what Johnson tweeted is the fact that Mt. Rushmore only has room for four faces. So, if we are to take his statement literally, Magic is saying James is a top-four player in NBA history.

Now, that’s certainly debatable. As brilliant as James has been, would you really say he belongs in the same conversation as Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Oscar Robinson, Larry Bird or even Shaquille O’Neal?

Talk amongst yourselves.

For what it’s worth, this scribe agrees with Johnson.