“Madden” Twitter Account Burns the Seattle Seahawks in Hilarious Fashion

Remember that one situation during the end of the Super Bowl this past February? The situation where the Seattle Seahawks coaching staff seemed to lost its collective mind when drawing up a pass play for Russell Wilson in the waning moments of the game.

It cost Seattle the game, and will likely haunt head coach Pete Carroll for the rest of his life.

Sadly for the Seahawks, one major sports entity isn’t prepared to forget about a decision that altered the history of the National Football League.

Ouch. That’s just mean spirited.

It’s also hilarious considering most of us would have run this very same “dive” if we were controlling Seattle’s play calling in the real game.

As it is, Seattle ended up falling short at the goal line when Wilson’s pass to Ricardo Lockette was intercepted by Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler—a fact that EA Sports and the Madden twitter account won’t let the team live down any time soon.

For you Seahawks fans out there, here’s another look at that play:

We aim to please.

Photo: @EAMaddenNFL on Twitter