Luke Walton shares awesome Kobe Bryant story

Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Luke Walton has plenty of fond memories to look back upon when he remembers Kobe Bryant. The Sacramento Kings coached shared one of his favorite moments with his former teammates and it captures Bryant perfectly.

Walton shared how, by skipping college, Bryant lost out on the chance to compete in a lot of drinking games. So, Walton taught Bryant how to play quarters when the teammates traveled together and recounted how bad Bryant was at the game.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the Kobe basketball fans grew up to love and look up to if he didn’t take his same work ethic and apply it to quarters. So, he spent time on the side tables practicing to perfect his skill at quarters.

The NBA world continues to mourn the tragic loss of Bryant and eight others. While they are still dealing with grief, it’s good to see everyone can look back on their favorite memories with Kobe and smile.