Louisiana Senator debates Saints non-call on Senate floor

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy took drastic steps to address the now infamous New Orleans Saints non-call, quite literally debating the matter on the Senate floor Friday.

Craig Caplan of CSPAN shared the following image of Cassidy on the Senate floor as he pointed to one of two pieces of evidence he had provided for his presentation.

Cassidy went on to say, “Football’s more than a game. It is part of our culture and I would say the NFL has a responsibility to the millions of fans across the country to ensure the integrity of the game and to answer these questions and perhaps a few others,” per Caplan.

Senator Cassidy isn’t the first Louisiana politician to take action following the non-call during the NFC Championship Game, either. Louisiana-based Congressman Steve Scalise — the House Minority Whip — recently said the NFL needs to replay the entire game.

The NFL has been conspicuously silent on the matter, and that isn’t going over well with players and fans of the team. The game isn’t going to be replayed, and the league obviously isn’t going to do anything to change the outcome.

All that we can hope for going forward is that the rules are changed in time to avoid another catastrophic, game-altering blunder like this going forward.