Lou Gehrig’s Glove Sells For $287K at All-Star Game Auction

Imagine standing there and playing catch with one of the greatest baseball players in the history of the game. This is a dream that the now 92-year-old Howard Henderson realized some 80 years ago.

Lou Gehrig had given Henderson an autographed glove when the New York Yankee’ great realized that the young kid needed an upgrade over the glove he was using in a game of catch between the two.

The autograph read (via Associated Press).

To Howard. I hope you have much luck with this glove as I did. Lou Gehrig.

Now 80 years after the fact, this rare piece of memorabilia was auctioned off by Hunt Auctions for a cool $287,000. 


The auction took place at the All-Star Fanfest in Minnesota on Tuesday. It’s a hefty price for a collector to pay, but well worth it.

Photo: NY Daily News