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Los Angeles Chargers placed AI robots throughout stadium for season opener

An argument could be made that there were more Miami Dolphins fans in attendance than Los Angeles Chargers diehards during Sunday’s season opener at SoFi Stadium in Southern California.

But what about AI robots? How do they figure into the equation? They were actually placed throughout SoFi Stadium for Sunday’s season opener.

No, this wasn’t the Chargers’ way of attempting to show that they have more fans. Rather, it was all about to promote 20th Century Studios and the upcoming movie “The Creator.”

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This doesn’t make the scene inside SoFi Stadium and less disturbing. Imagine roaming around the stadium Sunday afternoon and seeing this:

Talk about some nightmare fuel. They really are taking over the world, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Speaking of nightmares, the Los Angeles Chargers dropped their opener in front of their “home crowd” by the score of 36-34 with Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa throwing for 466 yards and three touchdowns.

Maybe the robots might be able to do better on defense than current Chargers players. On second thought, don’t give the brass in Los Angeles any ideas.