LOOK: Titans rookie D’Andre Walker gets stuck with $10,000 restaurant bill

By Vincent Frank
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Titans rookie fifth-round pick D’Andre Walker had to know it was coming when he was invited to dinner at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse in Nashville Monday night. He was going to get stuck with the tab.

Little did the Georgia product know that the bill would come out to a whopping $10,487.27 before tip.

Walker was having none of it on social media after receiving the bill, noting that he’s “bout to flip.”

Taking into account a normal tip, Walker walked out of the famed restaurant likely having dropped $12,500.00.

This included $225 pours of cognac and some of the most-expensive beef known to mankind.

It’s a tradition around the sports world. Sticking rookies with absurd restaurant and bar tabs. It also beats the heck out of other hazing rituals around the football world.

Even then, $12,500.00 for a night out on the town. Whew.