LOOK: Star LSU LB Devin White riding a horse around campus

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who has ever had to go from one end of a college campus to another in the matter of minutes, knows just how big of an ordeal it can be. That’s magnified when we’re talking about the sprawling LSU campus in Baton Rouge.

Apparently, star LSU linebacker Devin White is doing something to remedy this. Those on campus noted that White was riding a horse around campus.

While said reports were initially seen as a joke, there’s now photo evidence of this. And it’s all sorts of glorious.

White certainly looks like a natural on the horse. The only real question here is how head coach Ed Orgeron feels about this. No one needs White running into a car on campus.

We’re also openly wondering where White is going to park the horse for class. Maybe, he’ll just bring the horse to class in a spur of the moment decision.

A likely top-five pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, White will be financially stable here soon. If so, he could pony up the cash to provide this beautiful thing better surroundings than a college campus.

Pun game strong!