LOOK: Redskins rules for locker room ping pong are amazing

By Vincent Frank
Courtesy of seditious_commotion on Reddit

The Washington Redskins like to compete on the football field. Just ask Josh Norman about this.

But the real competition apparently takes place in the locker room, and on the ping pong table.

No, really.

Courtesy of seditious_commotion on Reddit

Courtesy of seditious_commotion on Reddit

There’s so many possibilities. Just imagine Norman taking on Kirk Cousins in a game. The shade thrown around that room would be enough to cover the entire state of Hawaii from the sun.

And in a clear sign that ping pong is not a sport (sorry the Olympics), a kicker and a punter head the leaderboard.

That’s just pathetic. The other 51 members of the Redskins should be absolutely ashamed. Wouldn’t you be?

Regarding the rules. A three-minute warmup session makes this that much more hilarious. You really need to warm up to play ping pong?

Forrest Gump laughs at you, Washington. He laughs at you.