LOOK: Pretty much no one showed up for Chargers game


The Los Angeles Chargers entered Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals with a 9-3 record and as a clear Super Bowl contender.

But don’t tell that to fans in Southern California. In what has been continuing theme since the team relocated from San Diego last season, attendance has been an issue at the smallish StubHub Center.

Pretty much no one showed up for the opening kickoff against Cincinnati on Sunday. We’re actually being pretty literal with that statement.

That’s just all sorts of humiliating. This comes on the heels of the Los Angeles market boasting ridiculously low television ratings for last Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This certainly isn’t great optics for the Chargers and the NFL. It’s not like we’re talking about a last-place team. Even then, the Chargers can’t get enough fans to come close to filling their temporary home. Ouch.