LOOK: Picture highlights Browns’ dysfunction to perfection

By Vincent Frank
Courtesy of Aaron Doster, USA Today Sports

The Cleveland Browns and interim head coach Gregg Williams employed an interesting strategy for Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Said strategy included starting former first-round bust Greg Robinson at left tackle. As we might expect, it didn’t go swimmingly early on.

Here, we see Robinson and tight end David Njoku arguing about pass protection. The caveat? It happened as Baker Mayfield was still in the process of being sacked. Yes, they were arguing in the middle of a play.

There’s a ton of jokes to be had here. Sadly, they’ve already been exhausted in Cleveland. It’s just the latest example of the Browns’ season being a live dumpster fire GIF.

Williams fancies himself as a no-nonsense coach. This certainly isn’t going to go over well with the interim head honcho once he watches what happened on tape.

On a related note. The Cleveland Browns decided to start Greg Robinson at left tackle to protect Baker Mayfield’s blindside. Sandra Bullock would not be happy about this.