LOOK: Minor league team to be the ‘Tacos’ on July 19

No sports league is better than the Minor League Baseball at finding ways to market itself. From creative or wacky nights at the ballpark to wild uniforms, it’s been something to behold.

But none of it matches what is being done in Fresno.

On July 19 against the Sacramento River Cats, a team of tacos will take the field. The Fresno Grizzlies, the Triple-A affiliate of the Houston Astros, will play as the Fresno Tacos on that special night.

Fresno did this earlier this season, but now they’re taking it to a new level with a different shell. Better yet, the Tacos aren’t even going with the easy route of doing it on “Taco Tuesday”. Instead, they will run out onto the field with a taco on their cap on a Thursday.

While it’s not known what Fresno’s stance is on soft or hard shell tacos, the organization’s appreciation of tacos is worth celebrating either way. Maybe in the future we’ll see minor league teams be the burritos, or enchiladas or quesadillas.