LOOK: Mike Trout continues awesome tradition with HS jersey number

Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

When most MLB players return to their high schools, they see their jersey number retired by the stadium. Of course, Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout isn’t most players and his jersey number is part of an incredible tradition.

Trout, who starred at Millville High School in New Jersey before being drafted by the Angels in 2008, returned to his roots to pass down his jersey number to the team’s newest captains.

While Trout’s former high school baseball manager Roy Hallenbeck recently retired, new manager Dan Fimiani helped keep the tradition going. Fimiani chose the team captains for the 2020 season and had Trout come in to give them the iconic jersey.

The idea originates from East Carolina University, where Trout planned to play baseball before being drafted. While the Pirates missed out oa few years of greatness, they can at least appreciate their tradition being passed on to other teams.

Trout continues to prove why he’s not only the best player in baseball, but also one of the most beloved by fans.