LOOK: Michael Jordan’s ‘Catch 23’ hauls in 442-pound blue marlin during Big Rock Tournament

Michael Jordan
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Jordan is currently competing for the chance to win the Big Rock Tournament — and a $3.4 million purse — in North Carolina.

So far, so good.

Jordan’s boat is ‘Catch 23’ and has already hauled in a massive blue marlin

On Monday, Jordan’s boat, “Catch 23” was spotted docked  at the Morehead City Yacht Basin.

A bit later in the day, it was confirmed that Jordan was in fact competing in the Big Rock Tournament and that “Catch 23” was registered.

On Tuesday, there was a big payoff. Check out the 442-pound blue marlin His Airness hauled in Tuesday.

Per Ross Martin of 247 Sports, while this fish is impressive, it won’t win the competition.

“The 442.3 pounder that ‘Catch 23’ landed won’t win the competition. Recent past winners have been 754.3 pounds (2014), 680 pounds (2015), 621.4 pounds (2016), 533.8 pounds (2017), 518.5 pounds (2018), and 914 pounds (2019), which is the tournament record.”

So, it looks like Jordan and “Catch 23” will have to raise their game another level if they hope to win the big tournament.