LOOK: Man gets ‘crying LeBron’ tattooed on his leg

By Vincent Frank

Depending on where you stand on LeBron James, you either love the guy or you hate him. There’s really no in between. This is the case with pretty much every superstar in the professional sports world.

For LeBron, it’s magnified a bit further due to his mentality on the court.

At least one man decided to take his anti-LeBron stance to the next level by getting a tattoo of the former MVP crying.



Kalen Gilleese of Salt Lake City is the man behind the tattoo, and he had pretty good reasoning behind inking his leg up.

“He’s always flopping, crying, looking for fouls. I’ve never had a lot of respect for him,” Gilleese told CNN.

The tattoo took three hours to finish and was created by¬†Gilleese’s bud, who just so happens to be a tattoo artist.

When it comes to Gilleese, he expects this to become part of a larger project in which he pays tribute to some of the greatest legends the sports world has to offer with tattoos throughout his body.

But James is a bit different.

“LeBron is definitely a legend, but he’s the biggest crybaby legend of all time,” Gilleeese said.

Well then, tell us how you really feel.