LOOK: LeBron James is apparently a part-time employee for Nike

By Vincent Frank

One job that LeBron James might be able to put on his resume once his career comes to an end if his cushy work with Nike.

Currently under a lifetime deal that will pay Mr. James a cool $1 billion, the company apparently views him as an employee. Not only that, a part-time employee.

There’s a badge and everything that goes with this title. Don’t believe us? Check it out on all of its glory.

If James weren’t one of the most well-known athletes in the world, he could have easily passed for a teacher or a janitor here.

On a related note. It’s rather obvious James is the highest-paid part-time employee in the history of part-time employees. No need for him to worry about a 401K plan or healthcare.

For a total of $1 billion, that part-time employee visitor badge might as well be lined in platinum and dipped in gold.