LOOK: Kyrie Irving apparel going for massive discount at Cavs store

Courtesy of USA Today Images

Cleveland Cavaliers fans hoping for one last souvenir from the Kyrie Irving era are in luck. They can be had at the team store for pretty cheap.

Pete Abraham, a reporter for Irving’s new home paper, The Boston Globe, noted a massive discount, only one day after the stunning trade between the Cavaliers and Boston Celtics.

We still don’t know the exact cost of the shirt, since we don’t know what it’s being marked down from. But if it was originally $30, that shirt now costs $7.50. Given how successful Irving’s time in Cleveland was, that’s not a bad price to pay for good nostalgia.

We have to give the people running the store credit. They’re right on top of things. In Akron, they’re selling shirts imploring LeBron James to stay. In Cleveland, anything Kyrie related must go. Let this be a reminder that sports is, most definitely, a business.