LOOK: Kirk Cousins uses old math quiz for motivation

Kirk Cousins could earn $25-plus million on a new, long-term deal.

Things in NFL news sometimes are a little slow during the offseason. This is probably why we are discussing an old high school math quiz, graded with a C+, that Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins hangs above his desk to keep him motivated.


Note his caption.

“Sometimes our guests ask why I have this hanging above my desk. It’s an old high school math quiz when I didn’t study at all and got a C+… just a subtle reminder to me of the importance of preparation. If I don’t prepare I get C’s!”

That is little piece of wisdom we can all put to use in every day life. The post has drawn several thousand likes and lots of positive comments.

Cousins is right. If you don’t prepare for A+ work, it most likely will not happen. Cousins is studying up for his third full year as the starting quarterback for Washington.

Since we are talking numbers, Cousins just passed for a career-high 4,917 yards and 25 touchdowns. He also has completed an average of 68.4 percent of his passes in the past two seasons.

For his part, Cousins hopes to be studying some rather big numbers on his next contract. As of now, he will be playing under the franchise tag tender for a second consecutive season.