LOOK: Jimmy Butler savagely calls out T.J. Warren after the game

© Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat forward Jimmy Butler showed off his fiery side during Wednesday’s game by getting into a scuffle with Indiana Pacers forward T.J. Warren and talking trash to him. Following Miami’s 122-108 win, Butler kept going after Warren on social media and to the cameras.

As soon as the game ended and Butler returned to Miami’s locker room, he pulled out his phone and delivered another shot to Warren’s reputation as a player. Needless to say, the star forward can’t wait to face Warren again on March 20.


Of course, he didn’t just let his actions do the talking. When reporters arrived and asked Butler about the incident, he unleashed with even bigger shots at Warren. Butler is certainly confident in his abilities, especially when being guarded by Warren, so it’s kind of him to offer the Pacers some advice the next time they face Miami.

He found a way to get inside Warren’s head, eventually leading to the Pacers losing one of their best players after he was ejected for going after Butler a second time. While Butler might have only finished with 14 points, his six rebounds, seven assists and two steals along with the head games played a crucial role in Miami’s win.