LOOK: Jameis Winston and his family marched in Black Lives Matter protest

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Jameis Winston and his family attended a Black Lives Matter protest on Sunday, marching in the peaceful event for social justice and an end to racism in America.

Jameis Winston Instagram post: ‘Making this world a better place for generations to come’

Winston shared some pictures from the Black Lives Matter protest on his Instagram account.

He also shared a message of hope, writing, “Relentless pursuit towards making this world better for generations to come! It starts now! If not now then when?”


Pro athletes and the Black Lives Matter movement

In the days and weeks since George Floyd was killed in police custody, many athletes have showed support going to protests. Deshaun Watson has been heavily involved in the Houston protests, and some Houston Texans players attended Floyd’s funeral in Houston.

Over in the NBA, Golden State Warriors stars Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry have attended protests in the Bay Area.

These are just a few examples. The outpouring of support from athletes during this time has been stunning.

And unlike other times in our nation, white people have finally started speaking up more often. In the NFL, white quarterbacks have been outspoken against police violence toward people of color in America. Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has already made it clear he will be taking a knee in protest during the national anthem this year.

Increasingly, athletes feel an obligation to use their platforms as a means to building something positive in the greater community. They are engaging fans on a personal level, and there is so much power in that. Humanity rings truer than anything anyone does on a court or a field. And these guys are nailing it.