LOOK: Jake Arrieta honors bet with CCU championship tattoo

By Jesse Reed

Chicago Cubs ace pitcher Jake Arrieta is now the not so proud owner of a brand new tattoo that he got after losing a bet to a teammate.

Arrieta and teammate Tommy La Stella made a bet revolving around the College World Series. TCU was eliminated by CCU, reaching the Finals, meaning Arrieta, a TCU alum, was subject to a CCU tattoo.

On Friday, Arrietta shared a picture of the tattoo, showing he honored the bet.

One wonders exactly where this tattoo was inked, because there is a hint of something at the bottom left of this picture we’re not too sure about.

This is something that La Stella hinted could be an issue when asked if they would video tape the tattoo session.

“If it’s a body part that’s visually acceptable, absolutely,” La Stella said laughing back in June, per ESPN.

Whatever the case, it’s pretty cool that Arrieta honored the bet, even if it took him a while to get around to it.