LOOK: J.J. Watt looking like the real-life Hulk

What is the last thing AFC South quarterbacks Marcus Mariota, Andrew Luck and Blake Bortles wanted to see before going to bed Sunday night?

We’re glad you asked. Houston Texans defensive end and three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt looking like the Incredible Hulk.

Unfortunately for these three quarterbacks and everyone else slated to take on Watt’s Texans this season, he’s now a spitting image of the Hulk.

Wish we were lying, aye?

What in the world, man?

This isn’t a joke, Watt legitimately looks like he’s about to Hulk smash someone.

After having played in a grand total of eight games over the past two seasons, Watt looks 100 percent and ready to go for the 2018 campaign. It also certainly looks like he’s been doing some upper-body work this offseason.

Be very afraid, NFL.