LOOK: Hilarious exchange between Temple fans and ‘Matt Rhule’

Matt Rhule was just announced as the newest head coach of the Baylor Bears football team.

Irate Temple fans, hurt over the loss of the best coach in program history, took to twitter to voice their displeasure.

Just one problem — They tweeted the wrong Matt Rhule.

@mattrhule is the twitter account of a high school student, and as he so aptly states in his bio, NOT the football coach.

That honor goes to @CoachMattRhule, a verified account that lists himself as the “Head Football Coach for Temple University,” a bio that clearly hasn’t been updated.

Nonetheless, the mixup has lead to some very profanity-laced tweets directed at Matt, which he has taken in stride.

Young Matthew has even gone so far as to “assume control” of the Baylor football program, in a hilarious manner.

And going out of his way to hilariously enlist the help of the REAL Matt Rhule.

Safe to say many irate Philadelphians won’t look too closely at his account, as Matt can expect more tweets to come his way.

Hopefully the young man continues to take it in stride, as he has done so well all day.

Hats off to you, Matt!