LOOK: Eagles fan already has Nick Foles Super Bowl tattoo

The Philadelphia Eagles are not even two full days removed from winning their first Super Bowl in franchise history. It was brilliant upset win over the then defending champion New England Patriots with backup quarterback Nick Foles earning MVP honors.

To say that fans in Philadelphia were excited about the victory would be an understatement. Just ask this one Eagles fan, who promptly decided to get a tattoo of Foles hoisting the Lombardi trophy.

It really is pretty darn awesome.

“I always thought sports tattoos were cheesy,” Teddy Munz said of his new ink, via ESPN’s Darren Rovell. “But this one is cool. It’s the guy who started the season as the backup quarterback.”

It didn’t even take Munz 24 hours from the time Philadelphia defeated New England to get the tattoo. Talk about some major dedication.

And unlike some ridiculous tats we’ve seen from NFL fans recently, this one makes all the sense in the world. Even if Foles does indeed move on to another team this offseason, it doesn’t change the fact that he led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl championship in franchise history. The tattoo is here to stay. And really, it’s a tremendous piece of art.