LOOK: Cowboys OL mocks Ezekiel Elliott in crop-top jersey

Courtesy of NFL Media

In lighter NFL preseason news on Wednesday, Dallas Cowboys backup offensive lineman Joe Looney made us laugh.

Looney, who signed on with the Cowboys in 2016, thought it would be entertaining to mock and impersonate running back Ezekiel Elliott and quarterback Dak Prescott.

First, we must present this image that Elliott posted to his Instagram account.


Goodness. The 309-pound Looney looks absolutely ridiculous trying to fit into Elliott’s No. 21 crop-top jersey.

If this look is not enough, Looney attempted to fool people into thinking he was Prescott. Though, a taped No. 4 over his No. 73 is not very convincing.

We aren’t buying it. But Looney deserves major props for putting a smile on everyone’s face who saw him in disguise.

Happy practicing, ‘Boys.