LOOK: Aaron Judge dwarfs Orioles slugger Chris Davis … who is 6-foot-3

Aaron Judge is one of the top young players in baseball. The New York Yankees outfielder had to battle to make the Opening Day roster, and despite some controversy, his name was there when the team started off the season against the Tampa Bay Rays.

The thing that stands out for Judge is not only his power but his 6-foot-7, 280-pound frame. If you’re unsure of how big that actually is, compare his stature to that of 2013 All-Star slugger Chris Davis.


Davis is also known for being a big guy (he’s 6-foot-3), but next to Judge he looks like just a regular guy. That is, until, you notice the regular-sized umpire standing next to both of these huge men.

The Yankees completed their series in Baltimore over the weekend and Judge went 2-for-5 with his first home run of the season against the Orioles.

In one of his hits, Judge stood on first base next to Davis. As much as Davis is known for being a big guy, next to Judge he looks like a regular guy you would see on the streets.

That’s not all.

Judge can make the average height of a man look even smaller.

The average height in the United States for a male is a little over 5-foot-9. He’s over a foot taller than the national average and holds a lot of upside┬áin the majors.

Until he reaches his potential, he’s simply going to be a big guy who makes everyone look extra small. And that’s a superpower in and of itself.