Logan Ryan takes shot at Jaguars, Blake Bortles

By Jesse Reed
Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

One day after the Tennessee Titans took it to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Logan Ryan had some interesting things to say about Blake Bortles.

Appearing on SiriusXM NFL Radio, he took some shots at the Jaguars and Bortles.

“I don’t think they have a lot of confidence,” Ryan told SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I think it’s well known … they don’t have a lot of confidence in their quarterback situation. They’re relying on the running game, and they’re relying on possession passing and taking the ball out of his [hands], preventing him from losing the game. But there comes a time when you’ve got to go win the game, and we have the quarterback, and we have the team that isn’t afraid to win it when we need to. And I felt like once we stopped doing what they wanted to do, we felt comfortable, and they felt a little uncomfortable.”

Ryan isn’t wrong. The Jaguars don’t have any confidence in Bortles, which is why he was benched in the preseason. He got the job back, simply because Chad Henne is awful, too. He isn’t the only player to take a shot at Bortles lately, either. Cameron Jordan savaged him recently when talking about how much different it is to go against Drew Brees.

The Jaguars know Bortles stinks. They have to.

They limited his ability to affect the game in Week 1 when they had Leonard Fournette run the ball 29 times and the quarterback attempted just 21 passes. It’s exactly what the doctor ordered as long as Bortles is their quarterback.

Yet in Week 2 against Tennessee, despite the fact the game didn’t get out of hand until the second half, Jacksonville went away from that winning script. Bortles threw the ball 34 times, threw two interceptions and lost a fumble while Fournette ran the ball just 14 times. Granted, he only went 40 yards, but with a back like him you have to keep feeding him through the second half so he can break off those big gains.

It’s looking like another season might be wasted already in Jacksonville unless the Jags either keep Bortles from throwing much. They have no other options besides one prominent free agent who could certainly give them a shot at making the playoffs. Don’t hold your breath, Jags fans.