Le’Veon Bell laments being painted as ‘villain’

Le'Veon Ball pinky
Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell took to social media Thursday to lament being painted by the folks in Pittsburgh as a “villain.”

Seemingly, Bell is feeling frustrated that he’s being given negative press due to his contract demands. A report emerged on Wednesday that Bell is seeking to be paid like receiver Antonio Brown, which echoes what he seemed to be asking for last year when he was angling for a long-term deal, too.

There is no doubt that Bell is a special player. He does things on the field that other players simply cannot do, and he’s one of the best running backs to play the game in a long time.

That said, the Steelers are dealing with a tight cap situation, and it’s not like Bell is a crystal clear player with no red flags, either. He’s already in the NFL’s drug program and has been suspended before for weed.

So, this is a trickier situation than he might want it to be. And quite honestly, he needs to get over himself here and realize his perspective isn’t the only one that matters.