LeBron James: ‘The world needs us to step up’

By Vincent Frank

Cleveland Cavaliers forward and superstar LeBron James has never been afraid to talk about what’s going on in the world outside of basketball. We’ve seen it first-hand multiple times as the world itself seems to be mired in an era of drama.

Now, James has apparently decided to preach to fellow leaders that it is time for them all to step up. At the Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York City — with the likes of Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and Justin Trudeau on hand — James had the following to say.

“We all know what’s happening right now … how hard it is suddenly to understand so much in this world,” James said. “You’re in this room for a reason … we’re leaders. We all know the world needs us to step up.”

Man, LeBron puts himself in some rather fine company there. Gates is the multi-billion dollar co-founder of Microsoft. Clinton is just the former President of the United States. And Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada.

On the other hand, it’s most definitely good that James wants to take on a role as global leader. He surely has the platform to impact change around the globe as the best basketball player on the planet and a man whose stardom far transcends his role as a basketball player.

As it relates to the broader NBA landscape, it’s a league that has taken on more of a leadership role than others around the United States. This isn’t by accident. And as a man who speaks for his fellow players, James could potentially help create change.