LeBron James: ‘This has been one of the most challenging seasons of my career’

By Michael Dixon

Prior to Game 4 of the NBA Finals, Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James opened up, giving some insight as to what this season has been like for him.

LeBron did state that more details were coming. But he bluntly called this “one of the most challenging seasons of my career.”

From an on-court perspective, this team is clearly one of the least-talented he’s had in a long time. This Cleveland team is pretty clearly the worst of any in the current run of eight consecutive trips to the NBA Finals.

If that’s what he’s referring to, it will be nice to hear what he means. But where this can be really interesting is if he’s talking about something a little deeper. It’s just speculation, but it certainly sounds like something that goes beyond just what the team can or can’t do on the court.

If nothing else, it gives us something to look forward to after the series is over, especially as we look towards LeBron’s pending free agency.