LeBron James takes to Twitter asking for a pick-up game

LeBron James has been active on social media since his Cleveland Cavaliers lost the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors in June.

Some of his activity has surrounded the current drama-filled state of his Cavaliers squad. But for the most part, it looks like James is enjoying his summer.

Until now.

He wants the NBA season to start like yesterday. As James’ notes, he’s has “basketball Jones” and is looking for a pick-up game.


For the most part, the responses from fans were great. One follower invited James to join his church basketball league as the sixth man.

There’s never been a question as to how passionate James is for the game of basketball. It is what has led to him earning seven consecutive trips to the NBA Finals and being considered the greatest play on the planet.

But we’re also pretty sure the Cavaliers’ brass doesn’t want to see videos of James taking part in random pick-up games with fans and scrubs. The team has already gone through enough with Kyrie Irving requesting a trade.

All it needs now is James to go down hard after a 5-foot-5 middle-aged man decides to get physical with him in the low post.