LeBron James shows support for Chris Bosh

Courtesy of Ken Blaze, USA Today Sports

LeBron James and Chris Bosh are no longer teammates, but they’re still close. This little tidbit came out in droves on Monday as James expressed concern for his friend.

The Miami Heat are worried that Bosh may never play again after yet another bout with blood clots. In this, James showed some empathy for his pal.

“As a brother and as a friend of his, I hate to see that he’s going through what he’s going through. ” James said, via CBS Sports. “I’ve talked to him numerous times. I said there’s no way that I can even understand what he’s going through, because I can’t. It’s just a tough situation for him going through that once again, for another year.”

The truly unfortunate nature of Bosh’s situation is that it’s not simply a career-threatening injury. If this were an injury to Bosh’s knee or back, it would certainly be sad and frustrating but, ultimately, not that serious in the grand scheme of things.

Even a player like James — who’s remained relatively healthy throughout his career — can relate to a regular injury being career threatening.

While he hasn’t sustained an injury like that, any athlete has to be completely aware of the threat. Though, Bosh’s situation is a completely different thing.

The tragic reality is that a blood clot that threatens Bosh’s career also threatens his life. That’s where this takes a very sad turn.

And in reality, James is right in indicating he can’t relate to this. Few professional athletes can even begin to imagine what Bosh is going through as his career faces the real possibility of being over.

Hopefully, Bosh can one day get back on the court and be treated like a regular player that’s judged by how many shots he makes and how many rebounds he pulls down.

Until then, he can take comfort in the fact that others are thinking about him during these most difficult of times.