LeBron James pleads with reporters to stop asking about free agency

The NBA rumor mill has been working overtime to connect soon-to-be free agent LeBron James to just about any team you can think of with championship aspirations next summer. This includes the Golden State Warriors, which is quite honestly a pipe dream that even the Warriors are laughing about.

On Friday, James was asked about this rumor and he responded by pleading with reporters to stop asking him about it, and other rumors of like nature.

James said it’s not fair to his team and his teammates in Cleveland to have this constant barrage of questions regarding his future. And quite honestly, it’s easy to understand where he’s coming from. After all, even though the Cavs are in the midst of a losing skid, this is a team that has made the NBA Finals three years in a row, so it’s hardly surprising that James wants to just focus solely on making it four in a row this year.

That said, James should also know better. Being the face of the NBA and having a reputation as a guy who isn’t afraid to jump ship means the rumors about where he’ll land next are going to run rampant until he makes his decision in the summer. Then there’s the matter of his own agent making it clear they’ll listen to every offer that comes their way.

Expecting reporters and writers to stop banging on this drum is just not realistic. With that in mind, James and the Cavaliers better buckle up, because the barrage isn’t going to go away any time soon.