LeBron James on 0-3 Lakers: ‘It’s a process’

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

“The Process” brought the Philadelphia 76ers back to relevance, and LeBron James is taking a page out of that book for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Following an overtime loss to the San Antonio Spurs, per ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, LeBron said he’s not concerned about the team’s 0-3 start to the season.

“It’s not tough. I know what I got myself into. It’s a process. I get it. And it will be fine. … So, I didn’t come here thinking we were going to be blazing storms right out of the gate. It’s a process, and I understand that.”

The Lakers have a young roster, though LeBron certainly isn’t without blame in their struggles. His missed two free throws with 12.8 seconds remaining afforded San Antonio a chance to make a go-ahead shot, which Patty Mills did.

While those misses have been a popular talking point, James knocked down a game-tying three to force overtime anyway. There’s some good along with the bad, even if the latter has characterized the young season.

As a result of an in-game altercation opposite the Houston Rockets, Brandon Ingram and Rajon Rondo were slapped with suspensions. Those absences won’t make it any easier on Los Angeles’ effort to get in the win column.

Because the Western Conference is so talented, the Lakers cannot afford to start too slowly. But they shouldn’t be torn up about three losses, either.

It’s a long season. It’s a process.